This sexy Christmas quintet will warm the heart regardless of the month, so savor each delightful tale of ménage and love. The authors have rendered likable characters and appealing stories that are sure to entertain.

Jayne isn’t quite sure if she’s ready for a reunion with Matt and Steve after a two-year separation in “Home for Christmas” by Raines, but once she sees them again, she can’t imagine living without them. In Brooks’ “Angel on Broadway,” a chance meeting brings Ariel and Nico together after several years. When he introduces her to his cousin, Alexei, the competition begins. In “Thrice Upon a Yuletide,” a Regency by Michaels, Viscountess Anna and her husband, Stephen, anxiously await the arrival of their paramour, Phillip, from the Peninsula. But all is not well when they reunite. Nick and Chris plan a huge Christmas surprise for Noelle in “A Little Elfin Magic” by Szereto. She’s amazed to discover she’s been a part of the gift all along. Keith and John had once come to blows over Julie in Hayes’ “Two Kisses Under the Mistletoe.” Maybe it’s the season for joy and reconciliation. (SIRENPUBLISHING.COM, dl $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown