Multigenerational love and second chances broaden the plot and fill this story with tender warmth and emotion. Book after book, Evanick demonstrates why she is tops when it comes to affectionate and gentle romantic tales. For romance there is no better place than Misty Harbor!

Partly due to his father's health, former Misty Harbor resident Coop Armstrong returns home and takes a job at UPS. Coop's orderly life takes a turn when he gets involved with beautiful young widow Jenni Wright.

Trying to raise three young boys and manage a home-based business is more than Jenni can handle on her own. Thank goodness her mother-in-law Dorothy and teenage sister-in-law Felicity live with them. Still, the ramshackle old house they live in is falling down, to the point that Coop feels compelled to shore up a front post. Coop's timing is impeccable as he manages to rescue various members of the Wright family while on his rounds. Falling for a woman with three rowdy kids is definitely not in Coop's plan, but his heart doesn't seem to be listening. (ZEBRA, Oct., 320 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith