Image of Mistletoe Mommy


Image of Mistletoe Mommy

MISTLETOE MOMMY (3) by Tanya Michaels: Pet sitter Brenna Michaels has a flat tire, and she's late to take care of her charges. The only person who could be having a worse day is heart surgeon Adam Varner. Trying to reconnect with his estranged and hostile children during a holiday getaway to Mistletoe, Ga., Adam picks up Brenna and finds she's running interference between the snarly family. Brenna's down-to-earth personality, charm and looks are appealing, but Adam is sure a long-distance romance can't work. Their relationship evolves slowly but naturally, and the children realize their father loves them. The only drawback is that the romance takes a backseat to the kids' escalating storyline.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper