I cannot say enough good things about this book without sounding like a madwoman. The final installment in the Red Years portion of Reisz’s Original Sinners series brings out the best in her characters. It provides heaps of fan service without sacrificing an ounce of juicy plot, while also giving readers a deeper look into Nora and Soren’s complex relationship — setting up book five beautifully. Plenty of happy endings are provided, and Reisz finishes things off with a highly unexpected twist.

Nora Sutherlin is bound and gagged — not in a good way. She’s being held captive, forced to tell dirty tales from her past to buy time, which makes her realize that her plans of a traditional happily ever after may not be what she wants. Her friends must come together and devise a plan to save their mistress, while caught up in their own tangled web of drama. Will Nora’s knight come to her rescue, or will her priest risk it all to free her? (MIRA, Aug., 464 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
Elisa Verna