For former model Lydia Powell, things are about as bad as they can get. She is accused of stealing money from a children's charity benefit -- her mother disappeared when the money did -- and her only way out of prison is to accept Christiano's offer, which would make her the paid mistress of the only man she has ever loved. Mistress Bought and Paid For (3), by Lynne Graham, begins with an offer made by a wealthy, arrogant man out of revenge and accepted out of desperation. Their business arrangement quickly becomes something more as passion and desire ignite. This is a well-crafted tale, and Graham does an excellent job of developing the chemistry between Christiano and Lydia. Lydia makes a sympathetic heroine and, even though she seems to take more abuse at the hands of her mother than most people would, the reader roots for her to get the happy ending she deserves.
Reviewed by: 
Stephanie Schneider