Image of The Mistress' House


Image of The Mistress' House

Three novellas based on the inhabitants of Number 5 hold their own charm. Readers will quickly discover that Michaels, longtime Harlequin author, maintains the formula and creates three stories with similarities that wear thin. Yet the sweetness and appeal of these short love stories holds a certain delight.

When he needs a quiet, unobtrusive home for his mistress, Lord Hawthorne finds Number 5 Upper Seymour Street to be perfect. Then he meets Anne Keighley, who wants him to ruin her. She knows how her mama is plotting to get her into a compromising situation and force her into marriage. She would be the ideal resident for the house. Neither counts on falling in love. When her friend Lady Felicity needs a place to stay Anne gives her Number 5 and she too finds love in the unlikeliest places with Richard, Lord Colford. All Felicity wants is a child and Richard is her choice for father, though he might not agree until each realizes the smoldering passion beneath their relationship. Lady Georgiana just has to get away from her guardian’s marriage schemes so she runs off to London to find her other guardian Lord Hawthorne. There she meets Julian, an ex-soldier and Thorne’s friend. Somehow the little minx is going to get him to propose marriage — or something else. (SOURCEBOOKS, Feb., 300 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin