Lucas begrudgingly takes on Charlotte as his mistress, but he soon finds that she is his perfect partner. Willing to do whatever he wants in the bedroom and out, Charlotte is a wonderful companion. Kudos to Lucas, for seeing past Charlotte's beautiful body in order to appreciate her equally sharp mind and strong spine. And brava to the author who creates intriguing sexual fantasies set in the past, ones that prove to be every bit as daring as today’s exploits!

When Lady Charlotte's father passes away, she takes on the responsibility of caring for her younger sisters. Unfortunately, they are about to get a visit from a cousin that inherited their family's estate and Charlotte is convinced that she and her siblings will be put out on the street. In order to ensure that her sisters’ standard of living doesn't change, Charlotte hatches a daring plan. She travels to London to Madame Bella’s establishment to be trained to be the perfect mistress in hopes that by selling herself to the highest bidder she can priced for her sisters’ futures. But when Charlotte is auctioned off to Lucas Morgan, he is not truly looking for a mistress. Instead, Lucas is solely focused on thwarting his twin brother who enjoys abusing women. Charlotte is grateful to have ended up with the kind twin, but she has to think fast to get Lucas’ attention. Only by using all of her new seduction skills will Charlotte be able to convince Lucas to keep her as his mistress and help her provide for her family. (ELLORA'S CAVE, Oct., dl., $6.50)

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Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne