Image of Mistress By Mistake


Image of Mistress By Mistake

Even though the plotline stretches believability and the characters flip-flop, going from smart and in love to foolish misunderstandings, there's enough sensuality and a tried-and-true storyline to make this enjoyable.

After his grandmother's death, Sir Michael Bayard returns to London and his latest mistress. But the woman who awaits him is not his mistress, Deborah, but her sister, Charlotte. Deborah has taken off with a necklace that was loaned to her. Michael forces Charlotte to stay with him as his mistress until the necklace is returned. Charlotte is inflamed with desire by Michael's touch.

Though their relationship is filled with strong passions, Michael has a former wife who wants him back -- and there is also the matter of Deborah. Charlotte leaves, but Michael cannot forget her and offers her a large sum of money to spend a month with him. Will they be able to find happiness when there are so many forces beyond their control? (BRAVA, May, 320 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager