Bryant knows how to hook readers from the first line dangled into messy waters of betrayal, seduction, disappointment and falls from grace. Stinging dialogue, first-person revelations, remarkable character development and fast-paced drama heighten the thrill factor of Mistress No More. When Jessa Bell doesn’t get the engagement ring she’s promised, she taunts her boyfriend’s wife with a cryptic text message. Problem is, she sends the same message to three women, all supposedly her close friends. This is definitely another fantastic, titillating novel by Bryant.

Misery loves company and Jessa surely makes the lives of her former friends miserable when she reveals an affair with one of their husbands without naming him. Aria has a great marriage and checkered past until the text rattles them both. Jaime is addicted to a stripper who gives her the pleasure her husband never does. An affair with her friend would be better news to Rene than what her husband delivers. The climax is simply stunning. (DAFINA, Jun., 320 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Robin R. Pendleton