Image of The Mistress of Normandy


Image of The Mistress of Normandy

Wiggs returns to her historical romance roots with a classic, medieval, battle-of-wills romance. The strong warrior, the defiant damsel, misunderstandings, divided loyalties, devious villains and plenty of sexual tension are all elements long-time historical romance readers adore and expect from Wiggs, and comprise a tale newcomers will also enjoy.

For services rendered to King Henry V, Rand Fitzmarc receives a title, land and a bride in Normandy. He must hold the strategic fortress for England and ensure the loyalty of its people and his bride. Lianna of Bois-Long controls her life and her land. She will not become some English usurper’s chattel. Then, she encounters a handsome stranger in the forest — Rand — and falls in love. When their true identities come to light, Lianna is determined to never surrender her home or her body to Rand. As her schemes to avoid their marriage crumble, enemies conspire to keep the English at bay. Rand and Lianna must decide if duty or passion is of prime importance. (MIRA, Aug., 480 pp., $7.99)

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Kathe Robin