Image of Mistress Shakespeare


Image of Mistress Shakespeare

In a wonderful, lively, insightful and heartbreaking love story, Harper allows Shakespeare's secret wife, Anne Whateley, to narrate her colorful, lusty story. With her sharp eye for detail and dialogue, Harper delivers a tale that resounds with the color and atmosphere
of life in the theater, London and the intrigues that ran rampant in England.

It's a fact that Shakespeare was betrothed to Anne Whateley days before he married a pregnant Anne Hathaway. What history does not record is that Anne Whateley and Will lived together in London.

Anne Whateley is his muse, helpmate and a driving force in both his acting and writing. Their love is so strong that even Elizabeth's spymasters can't separate them. She helps him sell his first plays, produces his work and staves off the competition for the queen's and the common folks' adoration.

Through deadly intrigues, fire, illness and hardships, Anne stands by Will's side until he must return to his wife. Yet despite it all, Anne hopes that her claim to Will's love will be validated and the proof of their betrothal revealed to the world.

(PUTNAM, Feb., 368 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin