Image of Mistress Under Contract


Image of Mistress Under Contract
MISTRESS UNDER CONTRACT (3) by Natalie Anderson: Fun-loving Lucy Delaney is constantly looking for new adventures, which is why she never stays in one place for very long. She ends up at a temp agency looking for her next gig, when in walks straight-laced lawyer Daniel Graydon, hoping to find a temporary manager for the bar his cousin left him to run. Lucy convinces him to give her a chance, and although they couldn't be more different, it doesn't stop the growing attraction between them. Luckily, neither is looking for anything serious -- until Daniel thinks Lucy might be ready to move on. In this fun and flirty, opposites-attract story, the sparks don't exactly jump off the page, but this pair realizes that maybe it's their differences that make things interesting.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers