In this sequel to Ms. Pendragon, Lang again draws upon the legend of Camelot, but this tale belongs to Viv
and Mordred. Picking up where the first book ended, the action moves into New York City, where Lang's descriptions of a world transformed by magic are spot on and believable.

When Arthur was pulled out of time, he brought magic along with him to New York City. Vivianne Levy, high priestess of the city and best friend to Queen Gwen Pendragon, is concerned about how magic affects her world. After all, leprechauns, centaurs and faeries shouldn't be visible, and cops shouldn't think trolls are homeless people. When Arthur's bastard son returns, a storm brews, and against her queen's wishes, Viv attempts to free Mordred from his prison of hatred and loathing.

Arthur, deep in a 21st-century coma, has gone back to Camelot as a shadow figure with Merlin. Something evil has taken root in the kingdom, and the two must work with a new Lady of Avalon to find out who is behind it.

With her husband ailing, Gwen takes a leave of absence from her law firm and recruits a group of knights to join her at the new round table. If she can get her team trained, then New York City just might stand a chance against the brewing storm. (Triskelionpublishing.com, dl $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Karen Sweeny-Justice