After overcoming much heartache, Damien Terrell and Mia Black have finally decided to tie the knot -- but not without the family problems that typically go along with planning a wedding. Damien's philandering father adds more drama when he insists that Damien shouldn't let a woman tie him down, especially since Mia is not willing to consummate their relationship until after they are married.

With bickering parents stressing their already precarious relationship, Damien's desire to elope doesn't make Mia feel any more confident. She's still not sure if his anxiousness is because he loves her -- or because he just wants to get her into bed.

In this sequel to The Wedding Gown, Davis presents more mature characters and reveals greater details surrounding Mia's and Damien's upbringings. Examining the psychological effects of child abandonment and self-doubt, the author depicts a much more complicated tale. Not the typical alpha male, Damien's character adds a delicate balance of sensitivity -- just when Mia needs it most -- without coming across as weak-willed. And though Mia's thoughts don't always make sense, she is a likeable heroine that readers will have a difficult time forgetting. This is, by far, Davis' best work yet, and alludes to the fact that this series may become a trilogy. (May, 220 pp., $9.95)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton