Image of Mob Rules (Underworld Cycle)


Image of Mob Rules (Underworld Cycle)

Readers who love Laurell K. Hamilton’s early, edgier Anita Blake novels will definitely want to give this story a try. Haley has penned a winner of a read with unique and engaging characters who are a lot of fun! If gritty, contemporary urban fantasy with a wisecracking heroine just plain does it for you, Mob Rules will find a permanent place on your keeper shelf.

Domino Riley is having a hard week at work. Someone or something is killing other members of her gang and stealing their magic in the process. She’s acquired an eight-inch-tall fairy sidekick, and, to make matters even more interesting, her boss’s son has finally decided he wants to date her — or does he? Now, if only the bad guys would stop trying to kill her, too ... (LUNA, Sep., 320 pp., $14.95)
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Rhomylly Forbes