Image of The Mockingbirds


Image of The Mockingbirds

Every high school girl should read this book. Topics like date rape can be hard to discuss. Whitney has written an artful and engaging masterpiece full of pain, redemption and, most importantly, justice.

Nothing bad ever happens at Themis Academy, a private boarding school. At least, according to the staff. The students know better. That’s why Alex’s sister founded The Mockingbirds. When Alex is date-raped she knows she can’t turn to the school for help — and so as she struggles to remember what happened, she turns to the student-run, semi-secret justice society. Through them she hopes to bring the boy who violated her to justice. The old Alex would have stayed quiet, but now? Alex isn’t sure who she is, but she’s determined not to let being raped define her. (LITTLE, BROWN, Nov., 332 pp., $16.99, ISBN: 9780316090537, HC, 15 & Up)
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Raven Haller