Image of Model Soldier (Red, Hot & Blue)


Image of Model Soldier (Red, Hot & Blue)

Johnson’s newest offering features the tension and explosive passion that fans have come to adore, along with a timely and immersive love story between two delightful, and seemingly incompatible, characters that spans the globe. From the snowy Alps to the perilous realities of Kabul, Afghanistan, each world is rich with detail, captivating and real. As always, Johnson’s characters are complex, endearing and their chemistry is delightfully steamy. The constant twists and turns of the plot are sure to keep readers on edge until the final scene.

When marketing executive Emily Price sees Army Staff Sergeant David “Hawk” Hawkins, with his good looks and piercing eyes, she know he’s the man she needs for the new Army recruitment campaign she is coordinating — and the man of her secret fantasies. But Hawk, who only took this assignment after losing a bet, is hardly eager to become the Army’s new poster boy. The only plus is stubborn and adorable Emily, and the single night of passion they share. But with his deployment to Afghanistan imminent, can Hawk and Emily hope for more than one night in each other’s arms? (SAMHAIN, Nov., 216 pp. $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown