There is no word for love in the Mohawk language, but when Sky Toucher and Singing Brook decide they want to spend their lives together and their mothers refuse, they are left with few choices. They can run away and join another tribe or convince their families they are destined to be together.

Determined to prove that his father was not a coward, Sky Toucher climbs the mountain to consult with the wind god, who assures him it was Singing Brook's father who was the coward.

They are finally given permission to marry after much tribulation and Singing Brook's brother's death. But all is not rosy in their lives.

The Mohawks are entreated by the British to help the Redcoats fight against the French. Sky Toucher is selected by the British commander, but Singing Brook does not want her husband to fight.

But a Mohawk's word is his honor and Sky Toucher fulfills his promise. However, when Singing Brook senses that he is in danger, she sets out to save her beloved.

It is not only the characters and their passion that make MOHAWK WOMAN a poetic and sensuous read. It is everything about the story and Ms. Riefe's writing that lends to the lyrical atmosphere. Ms. Riefe truly loves her art and has shown this in her extensive research and memorable prose. SENSUAL (Jan., 378 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer