Molly is a border collie with a dream: she wants to be a house pet. It's not the harsh outdoors and rugged, boring life of a sheep dog for her-just a warm hearth and carpets. To this end, Molly takes it upon herself to engineer her mistress Mirren Lindsay's romance with the brooding American Nathan MacCallum, who has returned to Scotland to claim his inheritance.

No one knows that Nathan is not his real name or in fact that he is not the heir to the title. Nathan has been chosen to uncover what has really been going on before he allows the much younger, real Nathan to claim his birthright. What he is doing is dangerous, but "Nathan" thrives on danger and anyway he has no choice.

When Mirren and her sheep get into trouble and find themselves in jail, it is "Nathan" who sets Mirren free. Now Molly is sure she can feel the soft carpet under her feet, but there will be more problems and a mystery or two as well as a romance for Molly before all has been worked out to both human and canine satisfaction.

The idea of a dog contriving to bring two humans together is a delightful idea and much to this reader's delight Ms. Piel put Molly's thoughts on paper. (Think of the movie "Babe.") This utterly charming tale is pleasing, but the sometimes convoluted story gets lost in Molly's maneuvering and the reader may find their thoughts wandering off as well. SENSUAL (Apr., 350 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin