What happens when a 20th-century woman, Jackie, is abandoned by her boyfriend, lost in a blizzard and ends up in a ghost town saloon talking to a painting of a voluptuous woman, Lolita Belle? Well, when a fire consumes the building Jackie is swept back in time to 1891, where she is mistaken for the eagerly awaited Lolita.

No one will believe that she is not the famous entertainer. Certainly not Cole Morrison who is hired to kidnap Lolita by a rival salon owner.

No matter how good-looking Cole is, Jackies not happy about being his captive. All Jackie wants to do is get back to town, have her portrait painted and go through the painting back to her own time.

The longer she stays in the past with Cole the less she wants to leave. Caught between two lives, two greedy saloon owners and two men, Cole and Blade who has come through the time portal, Jackie is trapped in a dilemma that is solved in a most unusual and humorous way.

Deb Stover continually reinvents the time-travel genre with her fresh and original romances. This is an author who has made her mark and continues to captivate readers. (Jun., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin