We first met attorney Kate Logan in Suspicion (Jan. 98) and shes back, along with her teen daughter, ex-husband and her heartthrob of a boyfriend, police detective Mitch Calhoon, in MOMENT OF TRUTH.

Working hard to set up her private law practice in Washington D.C., it hasnt been easy for Kate. Bills are piling up and now a mysterious woman has shown up, wanting to hire Kate to defend her fianci. Hes been on the run for two years, accused of murdering his wife, but now hes ready to come forward if Kate will take his case. The problem is the mans late wife; the victim was Mitchs sister. And, there are people determined that the truth remain hidden, even if that means killing Kate.

With her gift for storytelling shining bright, Ms. Heggan will delight fans in this exciting tale. (Jan., 408 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson