Image of Mommy Midwife


Image of Mommy Midwife
MOMMY MIDWIFE (4) by Cassie Miles: Midwife Olivia Laughton is eight and half months pregnant, fending off the baby’s father’s marriage proposals and the victim of a break-in that could be a prelude to a kidnapping. Troy Weathers isn’t ready to give up his career as a marine captain in special ops, but he wants Olivia. Now, he’ll do anything to keep her safe. Could the threat be coming from something in her past, or is it someone from her ex-CIA agent parents’ past? The danger escalates just as Olivia goes into labor. Between the threats, the terrorists and the intrigue, Miles is going make new fans, and Olivia and Troy’s confusion and affection as expectant parents will charm readers.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper