Image of Mommy In Training


Image of Mommy In Training

MOMMY IN TRAINING (4) by Shelley Galloway Matt Madigan has just moved back to Crescent View, Texas, to open a new branch of the SavNGo superstore. Orphaned as a child, he left as soon as he could and hasn't been back since. His next-door neighbor, Minnie Clark, the younger sister of his high school girlfriend, Paige, is raising Paige's 5-year-old daughter Kimber after she died in a car accident. The local business owners aren't happy about SavNGo coming to town, and that includes Minnie, who owns a card shop. Will they be able to get past it? This sweet love story is enhanced by Minnie's realistic self-deprecating sense of humor and Matt's yearning for a home.

Reviewed by: 
Whitney Kate Sullivan