Sunny's fascinating story has interesting characters and a rather unusual origin. There are shape-shifters, blood drinkers,
a heroine who's an unexpected unique queen, some bloody violence and a fair amount of sex. To truly understand and enjoy this story, the prequel, Mona Lisa Awakening, should be read.

Mona Lisa arrives in New Orleans to take on her role as queen of the alien Monere by living there. Her court accompanies her, including her two warrior lord lovers, Gryphon and Amber. Unfortunately, the former queen is unwilling to give up her territory, which places Mona Lisa and her warrior lords in mortal danger. Things become even more complicated when Mona Lisa suffers an injury that brings Halcyon, the high prince of hell, to her side. A battle is brewing, and not all of Mona Lisa's court will survive. (Berkley, Feb., 256 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley