Image of Mona Lisa Eclipsing (A Novel of the Monere)


Image of Mona Lisa Eclipsing (A Novel of the Monere)

The latest in the Children of the Moon series brings back familiar characters who play important roles here. Compelling storylines and an opening for another sequel will have the reader asking for more. The sex, which includes a ménage, is very hot.

After Mona Lisa is shot with a tranquilizer gun, she falls and hits her head. She wakes up with no memory of the last six months, in the care of ruthless drug lord Roberto. She is Lisa Hamilton again, a nurse, no longer the Monère queen she became.

Roberto knows she is Monère and wants to exploit her powers. Her associates try desperately to find her, but she believes in Roberto and resists their efforts to rescue her. When she prevents her lover Dante’s attempts to retrieve her, he is afraid Roberto has seduced her, body and soul. He must get close enough not only to make her remember, but also to reclaim her from Roberto’s evil grasp. Her freedom is only the beginning of their adventures. (Berkley Sensation, Apr., 320 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown