Image of Monsoon Wedding Fever


Image of Monsoon Wedding Fever

MONSOON WEDDING FEVER (4) by Shoma Narayanan: Riya Kumar has never quite gotten over her first love from college. After a night out with friends, she arrives home and stumbles over Dhruv Malhotra, the very man she’s been trying to get out of her heart. He’s returned to Mumbai for his pal’s wedding and is even contemplating an arranged marriage himself. Their chemistry builds once again after six long years — and then the monsoon rolls in, forcing them even closer. If luck is on Riya’s side, she can convince Dhruv that their love is real and shouldn’t be dismissed this second time around. Narayanan’s vivid and descriptive portrait of India sets the pace for a refreshing and new, swift read.

Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi