Image of Monster


Image of Monster

This is a clever, fast-paced take on what has fast become a standard set
of tropes in urban fantasy -- monsters show up in modern-day America, all heck breaks loose and plucky heroes save the day. Luckily, Martinez is clever enough to avoid the pitfalls of the form while writing a book that is genuinely interesting and compelling. Judy, in particular resonates -- she's the person who always has bad luck and for whom nothing ever goes right.

Monster, a pest control agent, is overworked and underpaid. Judy, a stocker at the local grocery store, is in the same predicament when she discovers three yeti in the frozen foods section. When she places a call to animal control, Monster comes to take care of the problem.

And that's when things start to fall apart. Judy's apartment is destroyed, Monster's girlfriend breaks up with him (and since she's a succubus, it's going to be fatal for Monster) and, worst of all, Judy and Monster keep having to help each other when they don't really like each other very much. (ORBIT, May, 304 pp., $19.99)
Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs