Image of A Monster and a Gentleman (Monsters in Hollywood)


Image of A Monster and a Gentleman (Monsters in Hollywood)

In Dubois’ fifth entry in the Monsters in Hollywood series, heroine Cali is blunt and direct, to the point of rudeness, so it comes as no surprise that relationships are tricky territory for her. There’s something compelling about the fact that she uses this quality as a shield against getting hurt — but deep down she yearns for someone to love. Seling fits that bill perfectly. The secondary relationship between Oren and Maeve is just as fascinating and equally sexy, and both romances mix well with the overarching mystery. The monsters showcased here are different than the usual vampires and shifters, with an interesting lore that is easily explained throughout the story.

Cali has placed the fate of her company, Calypso Productions, squarely on her own shoulders with her latest venture, a movie featuring monsters using real monsters as actors, meant to serve as their “coming out” party to the world at large. This movie must be a success and she can’t allow her attraction to Seling, one of the actors, get in the way, even after they’ve shared mind-blowing sex in a moment of weakness. But Seling wants so much more than one night of passion, and he won’t take no for an answer. Everything they’ve worked for is thrown into jeopardy when someone leaks footage from the movie, and they must find the culprit before mass hysteria and fear take over —- before the monsters are hunted once more. The only option is to let Maeve, a banshee and seer to the clan, out to investigate and hope that she doesn’t make the situation even worse. (SAMHAIN, Mar., 232 pp., $14.00)
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Anna Dougherty