Sarah Kincaid has a secret: the baby she has taken in and claims to be her deceased sisters son, Danny, is really her child and the boys wealthy father wants custody.

Forced to sign away her rights as a mother so Dannys ruthless father and his wife could claim her son, Sarah panicked and fled with the boy to take a position as a school teacher in a small town.

Bounty hunter Zach Garrett needs the money hell get for bringing Sarah and the child back to the infants father. Yet his cold heart begins to melt along the trail to Helena. He wonders how he can force a young and loving mother to relinquish the son she obviously loves.

Falling in love is not part of her scheme. Zachs checkered past and Sarahs own sins draw them together in a deep emotional understanding. Now they need to find the strength in their love to fight a wealthy and powerful man intent upon winning custody.

Emotionally moving and very tender, MONTANA BORN AND BRED tugs on your heartstrings in magical ways. Alexis Harrington delivers a story with relevance to us today as well as a wonderfully drawn portrait of the era. Her three-dimensional characters and the intense bonds they form are what make this novel very special. SENSUAL (Dec., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin