Image of Montana Destiny


Image of Montana Destiny

This is the second in the Lost Nugget stories about the McCord boys, a light western romance that will appeal to series fans. The book stands on its own, but to get the whole story readers will need to read all three books. After all, the gold is still out there somewhere.

Marilee Trainor likes being the emergency medic for the little town of Gold Fever. The town may have started during a gold rush, but it's now a place for ranching, where she can put down roots and make a difference. When Marilee treats wild Wyatt McCord after he is thrown while bull riding, sparks fly, but Marilee really treasures her independence. Wyatt is amazed at how fast he is smitten with the redheaded, hot-tempered medic.

Things might have gone a little slower, but a series of near-death "accidents" throw them into each other's arms and send the adrenaline level way up. Wyatt wants to protect Marilee, but she has no intention of letting anyone put her in a cage. Will the two lovers unite to ward off trouble, or will their spats make them oblivious to the very real danger closing in on them? (FOREVER, May, 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan