Here's a well-constructed, formulaic
example of the contemporary western romance. Fully fleshed-out, believable characters and a tightly woven plotline make this a readable yarn. There
are three McCord boys, and each
will get a story.

Coot McCord earned his name by his lifelong commitment to the hunt for his family's lost gold. That dedication split his family, separating the three cousins who had begun their boyhoods on the Montana ranch that held a successful cattle operation -- and the hidden treasure. Now the boys, grown into men, are back for Coot's funeral.

Coot's will offers each of the grandsons a share in the ranch if they will stay there and keep looking for the gold. The McCord boys aren't the only ones back in town. Amy Parrish, daughter of a neighboring rancher who hated Coot, and the only girl to capture the heart of Jesse McCord, left town without a word years ago. What is she doing back in town? There is a mess of old hurts and feelings swirling around this farewell to Coot. Will the people he loved be able to turn a new page and begin a fresh chapter in the history of the Lost Nugget ranch? (FOREVER, Mar., 304 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan