Miranda Mitchell is escaping her cruel father when she hears the cry of a young child. Torn between the need to flee her familys henchmen and the desire to lend a hand, Miranda gives in to her maternal instincts and helps Trey Gatlin with his frightened niece.

Trey has just buried his sister and now must raise Josie as his own. When the stranger manages to comfort little Josie, he realizes that his doctor-bachelor life needs a change, but suddenly bullets start flying.

The bounty hunters whove chased Miranda for six months dont plan on losing the hefty bonus theyve been promised. With nowhere to go except with Trey and Josie, Miranda discovers her flight from the cloistered life of an heiress was the best thing she ever did.

Her once shattered dreams are rediscovered in Treys unconditional love. Even after Miranda realizes that she belongs with Trey, she must return to the world of wealth and its betrayals before shes completely free.

Ms. Hart creates a world of tantalizing warmth and tenderness, a toasty haven in which the reader will find pure enjoyment. SENSUAL (Nov. 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black