Image of Montana Match (Love Inspired)


Image of Montana Match (Love Inspired)
MONTANA MATCH (4) by Merrillee Whren: After losing her job as a financial planner, Brittany Gorman finds work as a substitute teacher. Her roommate, Heather Watson, convinces her that she needs a break and Brittany agrees to go with her on a ski trip. Parker Watson, Heather’s uncle, is looking for a nanny for his twin daughters. After false accusations cost him his job, he and the girls remain isolated from the townspeople who he feels still condemn him. Will Brittany be interested in a career switch, or would she be in over her head with the girls … and Parker? The relatable, realistic characters learn that instead of isolating ourselves, we should look to God for guidance with life’s challenges.
Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee