Wes Merrick stands on the hangman's platform with a noose around his neck, an innocent, wounded man to be executed for the crime of cattle rustling, an act he doesn't remember committing.

Katherine Holman needs a man to help save her ranch, and by rescuing Wes she gets what she needs. But she also gets a husband when she claims him under an old Montana law.

Wes awakens in Katherine's home unaware of his marriage. The kindly widow, her curious little daughter and the ranch hands treat him respectfully. Wes plans on healing and finding a way to clear his name and then heading out of this town. That's all before he discovers his marriage, his growing attraction to Katherine and the fact that someone will do anything to drive her off her land.

What begins as a marriage of desperation turns into one of great passion, uniting two very different people in a love that knows no bounds.

Jill Limber's sweet, realistic western satisfies the yearning for a warm, yet rugged tale that captures the spirit of the west. Ms. Limber's poignant romance and endearing characters make her an author to watch. SWEET (June, 350 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin