Image of Montana Red


Image of Montana Red

Horse enthusiasts who enjoy
delving into the details of ranch
life should appreciate Dellin's book. The story's pacing is leisurely and,
at times, the protagonists' frequent ruminations on their exes' bad
qualities wear thin. But readers
should be drawn to Jake and Clea's unlikely friendship and should cheer
on their eventual romance.

Clea Mathison has finally broken free from her nasty and controlling ex-husband, and she's taken something else with her: her favorite mare, Ariel. While some might call that horse thievery, Clea believes Ariel is rightfully hers, even if the law doesn't agree. Clea also believes she's capable of fending for herself in the Montana wilderness, despite having grown up as a pampered Texan. She vows she'll never again be tied to another man. Clearly, vows were meant to be broken.

Enter loner cowboy Jake Hawthorne, a man who -- due to temperament, circumstance and past disappointment -- has likewise vowed not to live with a woman again -- not even a beautiful one like Clea. But when Ariel escapes from Clea's rented ranch, Jake rushes in to help. He gets the opportunity of a lifetime to achieve his dream, but doing so would require betraying Clea's trust. Which will prove stronger, his ambition or his heart? (HQN, Apr., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Marilyn Weigel