Image of Montana Rose (Montana Marriages, Book 1)


Image of Montana Rose (Montana Marriages, Book 1)

Connealy's new series showcases her usual wit and charm, with a budding romance at the center of the story. The characters are easy to like, even those who are plotting their own agenda.

In 1875 Montana Territory, Cassie Griffin doesn't know what will become of her and her unborn child. Her husband is dead and she doesn't have a lot of options other than marrying one of the local men. Red Dawson offers to marry her and give her a safe haven, even though Cassie is not a believer. Others in the area want to make Cassie their own and will stop at nothing to make sure they get what they want. Red and Cassie have a difficult road to travel, but with Red's guidance and Cassie's willingness, they can have a happy future together. (BARBOUR, Jul., 320 pp., $10.97)
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans