For years, Laura Shore has avoided returning to Cape Cod. But after the recent death of her tyrannical father, she feels obligated to help her sister, Corinne.

During the years since Laura left Chepaquit, her father managed to run the family nursery into the ground. Corinne has tried to salvage the business, but to succeed she'll need help from Laura and their free-spirited brother, Snack.

Kendall Barclay has come a long way since his nerdy beginnings and is now a local boy made good. Running the family bank, he's in a position to help the Shores. Laura has always had mixed feelings regarding Ken; when they were kids, he once saved her from an attack, but he also crushed her teenage heart. When a horrific discovery is made on the Shores' property, Ken is the first to stand with Laura and agree to help any way he can.

Dark secrets never seem to remain buried, and that's certainly the case in this complex tale. As always, the talented Stockenberg delivers interesting characters whose lives are never simple. (Aug., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith