Wingate tackles issues that include dementia in an aging parent, divorce and raising a special-needs child in this provocative novel. Characters face situations in which they cannot personally engage with each other and must summon strength of will and character in order to solve problems. Although this is not a stand-out novel, it is well written and engaging.

Rebecca Malkin has not had any meaningful interaction with her father in more than 30 years. After her parents' divorce, Rebecca took her mother's side. Now her aged father is incapable of caring for himself, and she must fly to Dallas from California to help manage his care and to face the woman who stole him away.

As characters come into and out of each scene, their lives intertwine, weaving into ever more complex and coincidental knots. Rebecca must try to save her own marriage while acknowledging the foibles that caused the end of her parents' union. (NAL, Jul., 359 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Victoria Frerichs