Image of Monument to Murder: A Capital Crimes Novel


Image of Monument to Murder: A Capital Crimes Novel

Truman’s far-reaching knowledge of the Washington, D.C., societal hierarchy, replete with social-climbing mavens and ambitious politicians, stitches a rich tapestry as background for a sordid tale of blackmail and murder. This will hook the reader from the start and not let go until the unpredictable last scene.

Business is slow, so former Savannah cop turned PI Robert Brixton agrees to take on an unsolved 20-year-old murder case involving a drug-addicted prostitute. The trail leads him from the muggy squares and political corruption of Savannah to the slighter cooler streets and political corruption of the nation’s capital, as he hooks up with former attorneys Mackensie and Annabel Smith with information that could lead them straight to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. All the while, a secret government bureau is keeping an eye on him; if Brixton gets too close, it will order his execution. (FORGE, Jul., 368 pp., $24.99)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper