Image of Moon Cursed (Night Creature Novels)


Image of Moon Cursed (Night Creature Novels)

Leave it to Handeland to take her newest Nightcreature novel in a truly different direction. Murder and mystery are plaguing the small Scottish village of Drumnadrochit and Handeland does a great job of evoking an eerie atmosphere. There are plenty of chills and dangerous secrets facing this heroine, plus good ole Jager-Sucher Edward Mandenauer makes a creepy appearance. Riveting!

Even though her TV series Hoax Hunters has been cancelled, Kristin Daniels is hoping she can resurrect it — if she proves the Loch Ness monster is a hoax. Arriving in Drumnadrochit, Kristin starts her quest, only to stumble across the body of a murdered drowned woman. While the locals don’t believe it, some say it was Nessie who killed her. Kristin’s interest is piqued when she runs into handsome Liam Grant at the ruins of legendary Urquhart Castle. When Kristin is approached by Edward Mandenauer for help in finding the monster, she is hesitant, but could use the money. As Kristin investigates, she is drawn to Liam, who may have dark secrets of his own. (ST. MARTIN’S, Mar., 352 pp., $7.99)
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JIll M. Smith