Ever since she was a small child, Georgia Enright has been sure she was born to be a dancer. Now at 26, Georgia is reaching a crossroads. Accepting that she will never be a truly great dancer, she decides to take a break and think about her future while getting to know her newly found half-sister Laura Bishop.

Decades earlier as a teenager, Delia Enright was forced by her parents to give up her baby for adoption. After years of searching, Delia finally finds Laura.

Once the shock has subsided everyone is thrilled to be gaining new members of the family, everyone but Laura?s adoptive brother Matthew. Fearing that the Enright family?s sudden entrance into their lives will hurt Laura in the end, Matt stubbornly refuses to accept them.

Against Matt?s wishes, Laura rents their jointly-owned family farm, Pumpkin Hill, to Georgia.

For Georgia, Pumpkin Hill is a wonderful place to examine her life. Almost before she knows it, she has been talked into giving dance lessons to her new niece, Ally and her friends. With a little work, the old barn would make a perfect dance studio. Unfortunately, as a veterinarian, Matt feels that the old barn will make a perfect clinic. Just one more thing for these two to strike sparks over.

Irresistible author Mariah Stewart rounds out her marvelous trilogy with the exciting conclusion, MOON DANCE. Visiting with the Enright clan has been a joy from beginning to end and I look forward to Ms. Stewart?s next endeavor. (Jan., 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith