In payment for his services to King Richard Lion Heart, Tancred de Vierzon is given the holding, Wynnself, of the man he accuses as traitor, Arnaud Bourton. He is ready claim the castle and await the traitors return, but Arnauds sister stands in his way.

Rosamund of Wynnself is prepared to fight Tancred, who she views as an usurper, but he is too strong and clever for her to defeat militarily, so she devises ways to supplant his power. In her innocence she does not yet realize the sensual spell he is casting over her.

Rosamund plans to enter the convent and allows the Abbess to act as her chaperone. She is reluctant to see that Tancred is a good, just and honorable leader. He is truly the Moon Lord, as the troubadours praise, and he wins her respect as she slowly lowers her defenses.

Tancred has no desire to seduce his enemys sister or ruin her reputation, but he is attracted to her and will make sacrifices for her love: a love powerful enough to bring justice and peace.

Terri Lynn Wilhelm weaves a brilliant tapestry of medieval England and a wonderful portrait of a truly heroic knight. The well-detailed backdrop, biting verbal repartee, and simmering sensuality between Rosamund and Tancred, as well as a cast of delight secondary characters adds much to make this not your usual medieval romance. SENSUAL (Nov., 369 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin