Best-selling author Faye Kellerman takes an unexpected approach with this suspense tale. Set in Las Vegas, it has paranormal overtones and introduces new complex and conflicted characters.

Las Vegas native Detective Sergeant Romulus Poe finds himself abnormally disturbed at the scene of a brutal homicide. The showgirl/hooker has been slashed and possibly clawed. There is also the disturbing sign that something has been gnawing on her flesh.

The victim was known intimately by Det. Steve Jensen, one of Roms men in Homicide, which complicates things. Steve and Rom are linked by more than work. Steve married Alison Hennick, a childhood friend and old love of Roms.

Beautiful Alison has been mentally unstable for years. The killing brings back disturbing memories from her childhood when similar deaths were attributed to a killer named The Bogeyman.

The deeper Rom and his team look into these cases, the more disturbing they become. The trail will take them through the corrupt corridors of power to the vast nuclear testing grounds. Someone or somethingis getting bolder and it doesnt look like this killing spree is going to stop anytime soon.

Youll want to lock your doors before indulging in this eerie and terrifying thriller. Ms. Kellerman puts fear to exceptionally good use! (Aug., 400 pp., $7.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith