Image of Moon over Tokyo


Image of Moon over Tokyo

Mitchell's interesting novel is about the adventures of an American living and working in Japan. Allie is a character that most readers will relate to. She's frightened to go outside of her comfort zone but ultimately learns to overcome obstacles. This delightful tale gives readers hope about facing fears and love as well as trusting God to care for us in our present circumstances.

American expat Allie O'Connor still doesn't know the Japanese language and is scared and confused about exploring the country on her own. She prays for God to provide her with a friend. Then she runs into Eric Larson, a guy she knew from high school, who is also working in Tokyo. They are nothing alike but seem to keep running into each other. Is he the one she prayed for? (HARVEST HOUSE, Jul., 300 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel