Lorraine Dancy thought she had lost her family when her mother died in an automobile accident. Soon, Lorraine finds a letter revealing that the father she thought had long been deceased is living in Mexico. She is determined, despite her fiancis opposition, to visit Mexico alone in search of him.

When she finally meets her father, their time is cut short. She is abruptly accused of stealing a Mayan artifact, and the police arrest her.

Safety arrives in the form of Jack Keller. This handsome, dangerous man is not exactly what Lorraine is looking for. Jack has little tolerance for the prudish woman who seems to lack a sense of humor.

The two must elude the authorities, the real thief, and Mexican hoodlums in order to clear her name. As Jack and Lorraine grow closer, there seem to be things bound to keep them apart, and both will make sacrifices.

Ms. Macomber gives readers a Romancing the Stone story whose characters will elicit laughs, cheers and tears as they journey toward love.(May, 384pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson