Image of Moon Pool


Image of Moon Pool

In this four-story collection, light paranormal elements center around different versions of a Native American legend. Readers will enjoy the first story the most, if only for the premise of a socially unacceptable love affair picking up where it left off despite time and treachery. Some grammatical mistakes may take the reader out of the story. The fourth story offers the most character growth, but points of romance and high action seem rushed. These stories are too short for readers to become invested in the characters, which limits the enjoyment of the anthology.

Hidden deep within a natural maze, the moon pool has been the Quinnesec Lodge’s main attraction for decades. Legend says that if you look into the pool’s depths under a full moon, the face of your true love will be revealed. Now, with developers threatening to convert the rustic resort into a high-end conference center, the days of the pool and its magic seem to be numbered. In this collection of interwoven tales, four women, whose lives no longer have room for magic, are about to discover that sometimes magic simply won’t be ignored. (ZUMAYA EMBRACES, 2011, 276 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Angela Blount