Abby Hunter suffers from the stigma of her parents' sordid past. Everyone believes her father murdered her mother, leaving Abby to be raised by her brothers.

In her typical headstrong manner, Abby knocks her brother's friend and mentor, Calvary officer Jonah Tremain, off his horse when he arrives at their ranch. Jonah's shocked to discover she is the horse tamer he came to meet.

They share peaceful rides on the ranch and grow closer. Before Jonah leaves, they make love. But even that can't distract Abby from the troubles plaguing the ranch and the unwanted attentions of a suitor.

Kudos to Evelyn O'Banyon for rich characters, a good story and great secondary characters. It will be hard to wait for the conclusion to this series—and to discover the truth about Abby's mother's death. SENSUAL (Aug., 330 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner