It was an offer that could tempt a saint: marry ship owner's daughter Ann Rossiter and gain command of the finest vessel in the fleet. Chase Hardesty is no saint. He agrees to the wedding, even though she carries another man's child.

Thinking of her unborn child's future, Ann reluctantly agrees to marry a common riverboat pilot. She goes aboard the ship, planning to work alongside her husband as they bring goods to towns along the western rivers.

Slowly becoming a family, Ann and Chase strive to forge a business partnership and a marriage, but Ann's past converges with forces beyond their control, placing them in the gravest danger.

For those who love ships and the men who sail them, this novel will stir the imagination. Stunning in its intense sensibilities, fascinating in its historical backdrop and thrilling in the riverboat adventures, this is Grayson's greatest achievement yet, a true keeper. SENSUAL (Apr., 468 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin