Witches cursed by an ancient prophesy, each Fyne sister has her own gift. Middle sister Juliet has the gift of sight. This second of three stories begins with Juliet and her sister Isadora being kidnapped by Emperor Sebestyen's soldiers. He wants revenge on the youngest Fyne, Sophie, and will use these two to exact it.

While Juliet and Isadora are being transported to Sebestyen's palace, Juliet is kidnapped again—this time by Ryn, an Anwyn shapeshifter. As Juliet reluctantly travels with Ryn, she learns that he shares the same dream that has plagued her. Because of it and the Fyne curse, she believes she must not lay with a man or fall in love.

As Ryn and Juliet travel toward the Anwyn city, Ryn is surprised to see Juliet physically changing—her eye color, her surefootedness, her body's acceptance of the cold temperatures—in ways he hadn't foreseen. He begins to realize who Juliet will be to his people and that she'll have more power than he thought possible.

This story is a wonderfully complex tale, complete with action, intrigue, a happy ending and the promise of more to come (Isadora's story is next). Several subplots with interesting secondary characters keep the reader involved. Jones creates a compelling tale about learning to trust and learning to love. (May, 330 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Sarah Paige