Star-crossed lovers unite in the fourth volume of Janelle Taylor's galactic saga begun in Moondust and Madness. This time it is Bree-Kayah Saar's turn to make her place in Federation history with a daring and dangerous charade.

Masquerading as Starla, she has infiltrated the notorious and unscrupulous sky pirate Tochar's band, searching for a traitor to the Federation. With the help of her loyal and clever android and a potion that allows her to shapeshift, Starla has gained Tochar's trust as a skilled pilot on his mission to steal the valuable gems known as moonbeams. Everything is going according to plan until Degan Latu arrives.

Starla wonders if she should have killed Degan when she had the chance since the handsome stranger jeopardizes her charade. Starla's forbidden attraction to Degan could be her undoing.

Like Starla, Degan is not what he seems; the ruthless mercenary is on a secret mission of his own. When these two finally team up and surrender to the fiery passion that flows between them, they find themselves trapped in a galaxy filled with wonder, intrigue, treachery and grave danger.

Once more Janelle Taylor sweeps readers to an intergalactic world and magical universe to present us with her vision of the future-a time when brave men and women struggle to see justice done. As passionate and exciting as the other books in the series, MOONBEAMS AND MAGIC will intrigue those who have followed the Saars to the stars. SENSUAL (Oct., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin